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 Maximum Potential Dog Training 

The Training You Need for the Dog You Want

Quality Pet Dog Training from a Current Experienced and Successful Police K-9 Handler and Evaluator.  


Specializing in Pet Dog Obedience Training & Behavior Modification for Anxiety, Reactivity, Fear, & Aggression Issues in Ohio, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania.


Founded by Police K-9 Handler Rob Cook, Maximum Potential Dog Training offers obedience training and rehabilitation services.  We offer board & train packages and one on one obedience training. 


Using a simple approach that’s easy for both dog and human to understand, we build confidence not only in the dog, but also in you, the owner, and your abilities, making daily life with your dog easier and allowing you to share more of the world with your canine friend.  By focusing on creating clarity in communication between human and dog, we strive to achieve a calm, confident, and well- mannered dog that looks to their owner as the leader.

We also work to correct issues including aggression, resource guarding, anxiety, fear issues, jumping, chewing, counter surfing, and any other issue you may be facing.


Whether you're wanting to get your dog off to the right start and prevent issues before they arise, wanting to instill some obedience and manners in your dog, or are facing serious issues, we are equipped to help.


We also offer support and assistance to all of our clients for the life of their dog. 


You Don't Have to Struggle with Your Dog's Behavior

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Maximum Potential Dog Training 
Bloomingdale, OH
(740) 632-5227
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