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Word On The Street About Us...

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Michelle & Max

I took my black lab Max, to Maximum Potential obedience school because I needed help getting better control of him and so that he could become a calmer part of our family. He wasn't horrible, but he needed to learn how to tune in to us better. 6 wks at our lessons and homework, he is really good and we will continue our lessons to make sure Max stays that way. I highly recommend taking your dog here it is worth every minute and penny, it takes!! Thanks!

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Marlise, Brian & Denver...

We had an awesome experience with Rob and maximum potential dog training. Our pup, Denver, was very insecure and scared of everything which resulted in some anxious and aggressive behavior sometimes. Because of her breed we wanted to make sure we as owners did everything possible to make our pup the best she can be. At the first training session, I quickly realized that I was being trained just as much as she was. After the first session, Denver already exuded more confidence in herself and me as her owner. Each session we covered different commands and Rob even helped us overcome the vacuum, which was the most hated object in our house. All of the tasks that we learned can be used in all different scenarios, and we can continue to grow on. I would HIGHLY recommend Rob and Maximum Potential Dog Training for any owner looking to invest in themselves and their pet. We are so pleased with Denver’s progress and continue to use the commands daily.

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Ashley & Leah...


Definitely recommend Rob to anyone in need of obedience training. He worked with me and my shelter rescue to break her out of her shell and gave me more confidence in handling her. She is a completely different dog now and I am so happy with the outcome. Thanks again Rob!!

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Paige, Ian, Hadley, & Penny


Very awesome experience with Rob! My husband and I were having some mild aggression issues with two of our dogs and Rob was able to help us sort out the issues by teaching the dogs manners and obedience. I would recommend Rob to everyone!

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Mackenzie & Teddy 

Teddy used to be scared of almost everything and every little noise.  Before, I couldn't take him around new people without him getting scared.  Now, I can take him into stores and have him meet people he's never seen before.  Today Teddy is a different dog.  I can't thank Rob Cook enough for helping me with my dog.  He's an amazing trainer and gave me the best guidance and advice.  Anyone who is looking to get their dog trained, he's definitely the one you want to take your dog to!    

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Erin & Jazzy

I just want to take this opportunity to thank Rob for the work he did for my Jazzy.  This was not only training for the dog, but for me as well.  Rob covered every problem I was having and taught me how to correct it... I, as well as Jazzy, had a lot to learn.  We are well on our way to a more happy existence!  Although Jazzy is still headstrong, I have the capability to reel her in! I highly recommend anyone with doggie issues, call Rob!  He's a lifesaver!!!


Bill, Janet, & Sunshine

If your dog doesn't listen to you, it's not your dog.  At Maximum Potential, you will learn how to handle your dog and your dog will quickly learn what is expected.  The lessons are very simple.  Repetition is the key.  Do yourself and your dog a favor and sign up for the course with Maximum Potential.  It was the best thing we could do for our shelter dog, Sunshine.  She already was a sweetheart- now she's an obedient sweetheart. 

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Troy, Melissa, Grace, & Izzy

We are proud of our Basic Obedience Grads!  Both of our girls had their own unique challenges and Rob helped us every step of the way.  He's quick to respond to any issues outside of class, too.  We can't recommend him enough.  Our dogs are happier, or daily lives are easier, and our house is peaceful again.  


Erica, Lily, & Lyla

I have two beagle pups and at 4 months of age Rob has amazingly trained them!  They are now 7 months and he and I continue to work together enforcing what they have learned and know.  I am forever grateful for Rob and what he has done to make my fur babies happy.  I look forward to continued success!  I recommend Maximum Potential Dog Training to anyone who wants their dogs trained with love, respect, and care.  My pups not only respect him and listen to him, they also run with excitement to see him each and every time we get together for a training session.  We are blessed to have Rob in our lives!

Darla & Bailey

I contacted Rob in regards to several behavior issues with by dog, Bailey.  Rob took the time to listen to all the issues I was having and assured me all was NOT hopeless.  Rob has been thorough in his assessment of Bailey's behaviors, followed by knowledgeable solutions, as well as useful resources in correcting these issues.  Rob as been diligent, following through, and following up on progress.  Today I am happy to say there is much improvement in some of Bailey's more serious issues.  Thanks to the help of Rob, I definitely see Bailey reaching her Maximum Potential in the future.  I look forward to continued training with Rob.  If you're looking for a dog trainer, Rob is your guy.  I assure you won't be disappointed!

Maximum Potential Dog Training 

Bloomingdale, OH

(740) 632-5227

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